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Qualitative Research

focus groups discussions, in-depth interviews, monitoring site visits

Focus groups discussions

Through our network of researchers we conduct focus groups discussion all over Libya. Focus groups are a popular tool of research in Libya due to the quality of explorative data it generates. We managed focus groups to cover a diverse range of topics such as women status, political opinions, election experience, local governance, and for evaluating specific projects impact. 

Please review the below case studies of previous projects.

Case Studies

Project:  The Revolutionary Promise: Youth Perceptions In Egypt, Libya And Tunisia

In 2012, we worked with the British Council to explore the gap between the expectations and aspirations of young people in light of revolutionary promises made in 2011–12 on the one hand, and their actual experiences on the other. It analyses youth perceptions towards sociopolitical changes happening in their environment over a period of eight months (May– December 2012). 

The results of this study can be reviewed below:

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In-depth Interviews

We conduct in-depth interviews to as both a stand-alone research project or to supplement other research activities. Our network of researchers are able to conduct in-depth interviews with key players and informants in different sectors.

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