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Quantitative Research

nationwide face-to-face household surveys

Household Surveys

We have unique capabilities in Libya to conduct nationwide household surveys.  Based on our database, we design the sample from 670 mahalat (administrative units) across the country to ensure that all geographical areas have equal probability to be selected in the study.  

We select the Primary Sampling Units (PSUs)  through Probability Proportionate to Size (PPS sampling) based on the division of “Mahalat” which constitutes a PSU in both urban areas and in rural areas. Households will be selected by the interviewers following a pre-determined skip pattern once they are sent to a specific starting point. Respondents will be selected in the household using Kish grid calculated using the unique form number and the number of eligible respondents within the household

Case Studies

Project: Libya Status of Women Survey 2013

In 2013, we worked with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems ( IFES ) to conduct a nationwide household survey targeting a sample size of 1500 women and 500 men. This was the first nationwide poll done in Libya after the 2011 revolution. 

IFES needed to conduct a nationwide household survey of the adult female population in Libya with a subsample of males to collect much-needed data on a variety of issues affecting women, and to inform current debates and efforts aimed at promoting the status of women in the country. Upon recruiting Diwan Marketing Research, we designed nationwide sample that would cover around 200 locality (Mahala) across Libya.  

Due to cultural characteristics and the nature of the research, all of the 1500 women respondents were interviewed by women researchers . We completed the data collection in 8 weeks.

The results of this survey can be reviewed below:

Project: Political opinion poll series- 2013

Since 2013, we have been working with NDI and  in partnership with Copenhagen-based JMW Consulting to conduct a series of  household surveys across the country, ages 18 and older, to evaluate changes in Libyan public opinion as the political transition proceeds.

Upon recruiting Diwan Marketing Research, we designed nationwide sample that would cover around 120 locality (Mahala) across Libya stratified at the 13 electoral districts to provide the political parties and elected officials insight about their electoral districts. We collected the data over  7 weeks using our nationwide network of researchers.

The results of these surveys can be reviewed below:

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